Our Workshops

At CCiS our priority is you, so we have a range of workshops built to educate and entertain that can be tailored to suit your needs.

Our educational workshops 'Don't ignore the signs' are the first of their kind in the country raising body and cancer awareness.  They are perfect whether you're a school, business or community group. We also offer beauty and wellbeing workshops for women who have had a cancer diagnosis.

Whether before, during or after cancer we are here to help.



Educational Workshops

Built to give you the power to recognise the signs and symptoms of cancer, our Educational Workshops can be adapted to suit you. Having helped over 26,000 people in Suffolk, your business, community group or school could be next.


Beauty Wig & Wellbeing Workshop~ It's All About YOU

Our Beauty Workshops are designed for women who have had a cancer diagnosis. You'll learn about the changes your hair, skin and nails may go through during treatment and key makeup techniques whilst using luxury products and meeting like minded women.  Look below for the new addition within the workshops...

Would you like to join our team?!

We are looking for an enthusiastic individual to help with wig fitting, make up and wellbeing workshops. Click the link below to learn more about what the project is all about! Please apply via email to theteam@cancercampaigninsuffolk.co.uk