Complementary Therapy

The effects of cancer treatments and diagnosis are personal to each individual, but they put a strain on the bodies and minds of the people going through them. Our specialist complementary therapists provide a variety of free therapies for those going through cancer treatment to help them deal with their prognosis. Complementary Therapy has been proven to reduce fear and anxiety, whilst raising self esteem, allowing for the self management of a cancer diagnosis.

In 2004 CCiS built the John Le Vay Cancer Support & Information Centre within Ipswich Hospital.  The treatments are available through our centre and also through CCiS Community Complementary Therapy 'Caring for Me' at the Woodbridge Complementary Health Centre.



The reflexology has been a total benefit to me. Relaxation stays with me for days afterwards and my family has noticed the difference. It has really helped my recovery and has been invaluable.
— Jane

Light Massage

It’s been such a help to get me through difficult times both physically and mentally and it is only with this help that I am finally able to move on.
— Nicola


The reiki helped me cope with the punishing fortnightly chemo sessions. Thank you.
— Eileen

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