Volunteers Week 2019

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Bob Turnbull, joined CCiS over nine years ago! He has been involved with every aspect of the charity, from fundraising, doing collection tins, being our photographer, and helping get projects off the ground.

Bob comes into the office every tuesday and we are truely greatful for the work he does… See what Bob says below…

“Nearly ten years ago I made the decision to volunteer as I found that retirement was not enough of a stimulus for me and that my hobbies became quite boring when that was all I was doing each day, by the way daytime TV is an absolute nightmare…

“At that time I had no idea what I wanted to do so I visited the volunteer centre in Ipswich town centre who supplied me with a number of contacts across a range of charities that could possibly use my skills in management and IT. Over a number of weeks I contacted various charities to find out more about what they actually did and how I might fit into their organisation…

“I have to say at this time I was really quite disappointed with the majority of charities who I contacted especially the larger charities whose ethos and methods of fundraising and the way they treated their volunteers gave me cause for concern. I had taken the time to research all of the charities which I contacted and was deeply concerned at the minimum level level of spending some charities  actually make to those in need, many of them spent a disproportional amount on staff salaries and perks….

“Two charities that I contacted stood out for me Headway and CCiS, however having lost my sister at a very early age to cancer I felt more drawn to CCiS and I felt that their need was greater and that they would better able to use my skills to their and my advantage….

“Eventually I met up with Karen in the Triangle Cafe in Felixstowe where we had a very interesting conversation in which Karen was able to present the background to CCiS and the very ambitious future Karen had planned out for CCiS. Whilst talking to Karen I felt that CCiS under Karen’s leadership had a future, was answering a very important need in the Suffolk community and this was a charity that I could feel comfortable working with….

“Shortly after joining CCiS I re-entered employment in the retail industry working part time in HR and training, however I have maintained my volunteering with CCiS and attend one day per week. At CCiS I have been able to use my skills in a whole host of areas over the last nine plus years to support this very important charity who do an amazing job of supporting the people of Suffolk who have a cancer diagnosis and their carers and families….

“I find the volunteering work at CCiS stimulating and this is the one charity that I considered, that truly values the contribution their volunteers make….

“If I had to give advice for anyone considering volunteering alway do your research and look at the smaller local charities who often need your help more.”

Once again, a HUGE thank you to Bob, for sticking by CCiS for nearly 10 years! What an incredible achievement!

Karen Hare