NEW WEBSITE LAUNCH EVENT Tuesday 26th September 2017 at Milsoms at Kesgrave Hall

'fabulous, fun, informal, total insight into CCiS and what you do' - it was fantastic- thanks for the invite' 

Had to post this photo of Karen with Tony Cheung from Ipswich Round Table- such fun... showing us what you can do with a £1 lush lucky dip prize.. the heart shaped soap...took a whole new angle!!!!- Karen was so very gentle!!!!!

10am We collected the keys to The Bunker suite armed with over 100 CCiS logo cupcakes... 2 cars piled to the roof- like a scene from Benny Hill started! ( for those that can remember Benny Hill quick speed)- which seem to continue through to 8.40pm as Karen and Sarah ran from room to room, and Bob one of our Ambassadors who was our dedicated photographer and IT support. Then we had Tarina our other Ambassador who brought her delightful grandson too, bless him he was so very good and loved the interaction with everyone and cuddles too- if fact there is a fabulous photo of Karen and Sarah with him on our Facebook page... Thank you Milsoms for your support in moving the HUGE table that took every member of staff to move back to its original postion...but that's another story!

Such an amazing day meeting out lovely ladies again, some from 2013!, we shared a birthday celebration with Alison too, who also won the prize of golf at The Woodbridge Golf Club in the raffle for her husband who happened to be a keen golfer!!!. We had Youngblood Cosmetics and Balm Balm with us too and I offered nail painting with either orange, orange or orange as a colour... I never knew we had so many shades of orange! 

For all our photos and an amazing short video created by must visit our Facebook page. 



That's me signing off! bye for now. Just wanted to share with you.