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About CCiS

Our aim is to help people in Suffolk before, during and after cancer.

Set up in 1998, Cancer Campaign in Suffolk is run on a passion to help the community that we live in. Before cancer our focus is on giving as many people as possible the knowledge and confidence to detect changes to their bodies that need investigation through our educational workshops 'Don't Ignore the Signs'.  During cancer we provide complementary therapies and counselling to help those with a diagnosis through their arduous treatment and life beyond cancer. After cancer beauty and wellbeing workshops 'It's All About You' are also available to help with the psychological effects and to help boost confidence and self esteem.



Your Wellbeing

To balance the often punishing clinical treatments during cancer, CCiS provides counselling and complementary therapies to help patients relax and learn how to manage their new normality.

Your wellbeing is paramount to us.

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The psychological effects of a cancer diagnosis can be difficult to manage. Our counsellor can help you cope with the difficulties you may face in a safe space, making it easier to come to terms with what is happening.

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Complementary Therapy

Take time for yourself and indulge in one of the free complementary therapies we provide for cancer patients through our John LeVay Cancer Information Centre at Ipswich Hospital and at the Woodbridge Complementary Health Centre, Sandy Lane, Woodbridge.


Our Workshops

At CCiS our priority is you, so we have a range of workshops built to educate and entertain that can be tailored to suit your needs.

Our educational workshops 'Don't ignore the signs' are the first of their kind in the country raising body and cancer awareness.  They are perfect whether you're a school, business or community group. We also offer beauty and wellbeing workshops for women who have had a cancer diagnosis.

Whether before, during or after cancer we are here to help.



Educational Workshops

Built to give you the power to recognise the signs and symptoms of cancer, our Educational Workshops can be adapted to suit you. Having helped over 26,000 people in Suffolk, your business, community group or school could be next.


Beauty & Wellbeing Workshop~ It's All About YOU

Our Beauty Workshops are designed for women who have had a cancer diagnosis. You'll learn about the changes your skin and nails may go through during treatment and key makeup techniques whilst using luxury products and meeting like minded women.

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IAAY WIG & HAIR LOSS a NEW addition to our IAAY Workshops
We will empower you with valuable information at this challenging time. You are not alone, but together you can hold your ‘head high’.
We will answer your questions, and help you to try on our range in a safe, relaxed environment.  
You can try on a varied range of lightweight, natural, tonal  human hair wigs in a relaxed, private and friendly environment along with others facing the same challenges as you or you can book a private visit to our wig room in central Ipswich.
Call today to secure your place on the workshop in Ipswich. 
" Great to meet other ladies and make friends."   very friendly and relaxed, lots of helpful info"
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Our Beauty and Well Being Workshop It's All about YOU, has seen you all around a table chatting, supporting one another, along with sharing some amazing tips. We felt it would be wonderful for you to just be able to carry on with your chat once you leave the workshop. 

 All you have to do is do a quick, easy and simple register to start chatting within the forum. It takes less than a minute to complete.
We have set you up with some great topics to have a chat about and of course we will keep you updated too here of all our news and any new exciting projects.

"Sometimes we just need someone to be there, listen, not fix anything, simply so we can feel we are supported during the tough times" .      That's all.  

Our Shop

Enjoy guilt free shopping.   All profits made through this shop goes towards the work of CCiS 

Make Up

All of our luxury products have been specially selected as petrochemical, paraben and talc free resulting in the best possible products for you.




Skin & Body


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