Cancer Campaign in Suffolk

Cancer Campaign
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Leave a Legacy

Plan for the future and make a will. This will help your family and friends, by leaving your affairs easier to administer and giving them time to fulfil your wishes at a very difficult time.

It's also the time when you can make a real difference by leaving a personal lasting legacy to charity.  Cancer Campaign in Suffolk is your local cancer charity supporting the county to reduce the fear of cancer through its educational programmes, emotional support, help, information and advice both in the local community and through our John Le Vay Cancer Information Centre.  We would very much appreciate you naming us as the recipient of a legacy in your will.

Your legacy will enable us to continue our work with specialist staff to support patients, their families and friends with a cancer diagnosis and educate the whole community about cancer and its symptoms.  We want to increase life expectancy through early diagnosis and together we can reduce the fear through prevention, education and raising awareness throughout Suffolk.

Be  in control and write your will or add a codicil to guarantee that your affairs benefit the people you want to help.

Leave something of yourself behind to help the ones you leave behind.

It's a relatively simple process to complete a will but it is advisable to enlist the help of a solicitor as this is an important document that ensures all your wishes are carried out as you would want.

There are various ways to leave legacies to both family and a chosen charity.

Specific or Pecuniary Legacy - this is where you leave a specific gift or fixed amount of money to your chosen benefactor.

Residuary Legacy - is the remainder of your estate after all other legacies have been paid including debts and expenses.  This can be split between individuals, charities and organisations.

Reversionary Legacy - this is a legacy that is left to a loved one for their lifetime, after which it passes onto someone else or to your chosen charity.

If you have already made a will, alterations and additions can be added at any time with the help of a solicitor. Theses additions are called codicils and have to be signed and witnessed the same as your will and are very simple to complete.


To discuss leaving a legacy to us please click here to contact Karen Hare.


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