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How Do You Tell Your Children?

A brave mother-of-two who struggled to tell her young daughters she had breast cancer has written a children's book to explain the illness.

Suffolk-based Katherine Simpson-Jacobs said breaking the news to her kids, Anna and Sofie, then just six and four years old, was a 'huge added pressure' at an already stressful time for her and husband Richard, 42.

Secondary school teacher Katherine, 43, penned the story 'What We Did When Mummy Got Cancer', while she was under-going treatment. It likens the disease to 'a bruise on an apple' and allows parents to discuss the condition in a 'safe and gentle way'.

Thanks to support from Ipswich Hospital and local charity Cancer Campaign in Suffolk, the book is now available in print, while a digital version can be downloaded online. 

You can find out more from the website: and read the Daily Mail article in full here

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