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1 in 3 people will have a cancer diagnosis in their lifetime

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Cancer Awareness Talks - FAQ

What are the benefits of the talk to my business?

In these hard economic times we need to ensure that we retain and look after our staff’s health and wellbeing. Cancer Campaign in Suffolk is offering a unique opportunity for you to make your staff aware of the early warning signs of cancer.1 in 3 of us will be diagnosed with cancer in our lifetime with 1 in 4 of us whilst of workable age. An early diagnosis leads to more successful and less invasive treatment and can save lives.

The cost of cancer is huge in both human lives and businesses like yours, with the national economy loss running into billions of pounds. Everyone in the work place will be affected by cancer in one way or another. Every year in the UK more than 109,000 people in work will be diagnosed with cancer. At present there are over 700,000 people in the UK working who have had a cancer diagnosis but not necessarily in the same job as when diagnosed causing skill shortages in the work place.

You can help all your staff by ensuring they have attended a Cancer Awareness Talk. Ensuring they are all aware of the early signs of cancer and that they know the importance of seeking medical advice sooner rather than later, that all your staff attend the National Screening when they are invited.

We want to ensure that your staff are not so fearful of cancer and that they put their head in the sand. The longer they ignore the problem the more aggressive and invasive treatment will need to be. This will have enormous impact on the person, their work colleagues and unfortunately the bottom line your business.

Can you afford NOT to invest in your staff’s health and well being?

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I know someone with cancer, I am not sure if this talk is for me?

At least 80% of the audience will know someone with or has had cancer, be assured that the talk is delivered in a professional and sensitive way. The talk is about you and your health and how you can look after yourself. The talk focuses on prevention not dying from cancer. If you are unsure go to our feedback page.

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I am too scared or fearful of attending the training?

You are just the sort of person we need to reach, because if you are too fearful to attend a talk you maybe too fearful to recognise the signs or maybe you will delay seeking medical advice. Maybe you are spending many hours worrying you may develop cancer. The talk will help to put all this into perspective and give you good sound advice that will hopefully help reduce your fears.

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Just the word cancer scares me, why would I want to come to a talk?

We want to reduce people’s fear of cancer, by providing information about cancer in a way that everyone can understand. We want to dispel the myths, We know that sadly many people lose their life to cancer, but there are many more people that survive cancer and in our Cancer Awareness talks we want to emphasise this and give you the positive facts. Read the feedback that people have given so far, it might help change your mind. Click here to go to the feedback page.

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If I had cancer I would rather not know?

How many times have we heard this? The training places great importance on not putting your head in the sand when the early symptoms start. Making sure people totally understand that cancer can be successfully treated IF someone goes to seek medical help immediately when a niggling problem has been hanging around.

Cancer will continue to grow if not treated. The later the cancer is diagnosed, the more aggressive treatment will need to be and not everyone will find that easy to cope with.. We do not want people or their families to live with “If only I had gone to the GP sooner!”

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