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In countries like the UK, up to 3 in 10 cancers are linked to unhealthy diets.

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About The Talks

Our talks are for everyone, Schools, Community groups and Businesses.

All our media services are constantly saying more information needs to be available to the public on cancer awareness. That too many lives are unnecessarily being lost to cancer because their diagnosis is not detected early enough. So in 2011 Cancer Campaign in Suffolk employed a Cancer Specialist Educator to deliver Cancer Awareness talks. We have received such positive feedback in the way we deliver and the useful information that we provide during the talk.

In 2012 we delivered the talk to 7,700 people in Suffolk.

We want to reach more people.

With 1 in 3 people being affected by cancer we understand that 80% of any of our audiences will know someone with cancer or has had cancer. We ensure that all our talks are delivered in a very professional, relaxed, sensitive and informative way. If you have any concerns why not visit our feedback page or frequently asked questions page.

We can deliver talks anywhere in Suffolk during the day or the evening. No group is too small or too large. The groups can be mixed or single gender. We will adapt the subject to suit any age from primary school children upwards.

We have our standard talks but are always happy to adapt, the style of delivery, the length of the talk or the subject content to meet specific needs.

Talk content.

Our standard talks:

45 minute General Cancer Awareness talk (2 versions, students and adult groups)
45 minute Male Cancer Awareness Talk
45 minute Female Awareness Talk
30 minute Breast Awareness Demonstration
45 minute A Healthier Future (3 versions, Primary, Senior students and adult groups)
45 minutes Sun Awareness (3 versions, Primary, Senior students and adult groups)

Our Cancer Specialist Educators will bring along a number of relevant props to enhance each of the talks. We have a silicone life sized breast vest and testicles to help with demonstrating self checking. There are a few other props that are generally used during the talk to help get an important message across.

At every talk leaflets on various aspects of cancer will be available for people to take away.

Our Cancer Specialist Educators will always stay behind after the talk to answer any individual questions.

We also have display boards full of useful information that can be requested to be brought to the talk. We will need to have 2 large tables for the display please.

We can either provide our own projector and laptop, or utilise your equipment.

Health Days/Fairs

We can provide manned or unmanned display stands at any event.

Pre booked talks open to all to attend.

We have very comfortable facilities to hold regular talks that you can book a seat at. There is a small charge for this. If you would like to find out when the next talk is contact our Cancer Education Specialist.

If you are a group or business that would like to hear the talk first before committing to a larger audience, Book a place or two on one of our regular sessions and find out more.

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